Tobias Günther is the author of the free online book “Learn Version Control with Git - A step-by-step guide for the complete beginner”. He’s also part of the team behind “Tower”, the popular Git client for Mac.

Tobias's articles

  1. Understanding Version Control with Diffs

    Every project is made up of countless little changes. With a little luck, they will finally form a website, an app, or some other product. Your version control system keeps track of these changes. But only once you understand how to read them will you be able to track your project’s progress.

    Using the example of Git, the popular version control system, this article will help you understand these changes.

    Diffs Represent Changes

    In version control, the differences between one version and another are presented in what’s called a “diff” (or a “patch”). You’ll encounter diffs when working in technical surroundings like the command line, but also in graphical tools like “Tortoise Git” (Win) or “Tower” (Mac) and in code hosting platforms like “GitHub”. Diffs are the most frequently-used methods of visualizing changes.