Stoyan is an engineer at Yahoo and the author the author of Object-Oriented JavaScript and other books and articles about web development. Outside work, his time is spent experimenting with random web technologies, blogging at and playing the blues guitar to his daughters' despite their preference for Mickey Mouse CDs.


  1. iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started Article

    9: Gestures On the iPhone, gestures are two-finger actions: scaling (zoom in and zoom out) and rotation. We learned above that the touches and targetTouches events contain information about each finger that touches the device. It’s possible to use those events to also handle gestures such as zoom and pan. But for this purpose, there […]

  2. iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started Article

    4: Orientation Changes Your pages and apps can be viewed in two orientation modes: portrait and landscape. It could be useful for your app to react to changes in the orientation. Using JavaScript you can access the property window.orientation, which can have these values: 0 – normal portrait orientation (home button is at the bottom) […]

  3. Take Command with Ajax

    Want to get a bang out of your Ajax artillery? In this hands-on tutorial, Stoyan puts Ajax on the front line as he develops a web app with which you can execute shell commands on your web server. The downloadable code provides a real tactical advantage as Stoyan marshals JavaScript and XML to create the app.

  4. Web Site Optimization: 13 Simple Steps Article

    Earlier this year, the Yahoo! Performance Team published a series of front-end performance optimization "rules" for optimizing a site. In this tutorial, Stoyan takes the lead, showing us step-by-step how to implement the rules to achieve the ultimate in speed and performance, no matter what your system’s specifications.

  5. Use BB Code in Your PHP Application

    BB code is a simple set of instructions that provide rules as to how a piece of text should be formatted. In this hands-on tutorial, Stoyan explains the basics that every developer should know about the use of BB code in PHP applications.