Steven is cofounder of, a Fireworks resource site, and contributing author of Fireworks MX Magic (New Riders), Special Edition Using Fireworks MX (Que), and Fireworks MX Fundamentals (New Riders). Steve wrote SitePoint's The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript.


  1. Flash’s Hidden Gems: The NumericStepper Component

    Never heard of NumericStepper? Whether you need on-screen controls to alter dynamic feedback from effects you’re building, or you want to allow users to select numerical data quickly through a form, it’s time to meet Flash’s NumericStepper component.

  2. Flash Interface Design Made Simple

    Elegant interface design *is* achievable with Flash. You just need to know the basics, and be keen to experiment! Steve explains and applies the essentials as he creates a great interface in this step-by-step tutorial.

  3. Integrate Flash MX 2004 and Director MX 2004

    There are times when Flash alone just doesn’t cut the mustard, and this is one of them! Integrating Director with Flash, Steve creates a program detection system to ensure users can use the files included in a distributed application.