This is a post by Shabda Raaj of Agiliq. Their blog talks about many technical topics including Django.

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  1. Django for the Rails Developer

    Django is the most popular Python web application development framework. Many people consider it Python’s Rails. If you are an experienced Rails developer this article will help you get started with building Django apps and help map Rails concepts to Django. What Do I Need to Get Started? We will assume that you are an […]

  2. Must Have Cloud Tools for Business

    Full disclosure: MogoCRM is a client of ours and I have no other affiliations with any other vendors mentioned other than as an user. Introduction Cloud computing has made running a business completely in the cloud much easier. Just a few years ago, you could not have lived without expensive software you had to purchase […]

  3. Doing more with your Django models

    So you have a Django app, but sometimes you find the Django models too constraining. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through using Django models to get more out of them.