Telecom and computer science engineer. ITIL-v3 and 70-480 : Microsoft programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 certified, with more than 4 years experience programming for desktop and web. My first program was on assembly and Turbo Pascal. I have created applications using ASP.NET and C#, and now I’m more interested to JavaScript, HTML5, SSJS, Cloud, and mobile.

Saad's articles

  1. Build a Hybrid Mobile App Using IBM Worklight, Part 2

    In the previous tutorial in this series Build a Mobile Hybrid App Using IBM Worklight, Part 1, we looked at how to set up the development environment of IBM Worklight and also created a “Hello, World” application using the WYSIWYG HTML5 editor for the Worklight plugin. We also tested the web app in the Mobile […]

  2. Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database, Part 2

    Introduction In the previous article of this series Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database we considered the architecture of the application and began by designing the database where we would store mobile positions. In this second part we’ll design the client side portion and add the code that manages the communication between the native […]

  3. Build a Mobile Hybrid App Using IBM Worklight: Part 1

    The development of mobile applications that run on many smartphones was considered a very difficult concern for mobile developers. Mobiles are different: multi-OS, multi-devices, multi-sizes, etc., so the marriage of web technologies – HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – with native execution is considered one of the best solutions to this concern. Many companies have chosen […]

  4. Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database, Part 1

    Introduction In my previous articles we saw how to develop a mobile web application using the Wakanda Studio and package it to a native one using the PhoneGap extension. While the application uses the Geolocation PhoneGap API to get the mobile position (longitude and latitude), the application only shows the position in alert messages without […]

  5. Build a Contacts Management App Using HTML5, JS, CSS3, and Wakanda Studio

    Many years ago, JavaScript developers were considered second-class citizens in the programming world. JavaScript was only used to perform some easy client-side tasks such as alert messages, form validation, and style manipulation. Nobody was convinced to use it for intensive programming applications due to its limitations and several serious security problems. But, in the past […]