Surendra Mohan, who has served a few top-notch software organizations in varied roles, is currently a freelance software consultant. He has been working on various cutting-edge technologies like Drupal, Moodle, etc. for over 9 years. He also delivers technical talks at various community events like Drupal Meetups and Drupal Camps. Surendra has also authored the book ‘Administrating Solr’ published by Packt Publishing.

Surendra's articles

  1. Symfony in Drupal 8

    If you are a Drupaler, you must be aware that Drupal 8 is on the way. What you may not know is that it includes a few important Symfony components. Working with Drupal 8.x will give Drupalers an opportunity to become a part of a massive learning curve and is going to tempt them to know more about Symfony. In this article, we discuss the Symfony components that have been added to Drupal 8, covering some third party libraries along the way.

    Before we get into the actual article, let us first briefly cover Symfony. It is a PHP based web application framework that follows the MVC architecture. Moreover, it is an open source project that has been released under the MIT license. Please make sure you don’t get it confused with Symfony CMS. If you wish to explore the Symfony framework into greater detail, see its Wiki page or any of the previous SitePoint articles about it.