A Ruby Developer, writer and cook. I love to write code in ruby and rails as a part of my day job. In evenings and weekends, I moonlight as a sci-fi writer and cook. I used to run a ruby and rails consulting firm but I love working for myself now.

Saurabh's articles

  1. Streaming with Rails 4

    What is Streaming ? Streaming has been around in Rails since 3.2, but it has been limited to template streaming. Rails 4 comes with much more mature, real time streaming fuctionality. Essentially, this means Rails is now able to handle I/O objects natively and send data to the client in real-time. Streaming and Live are […]

  2. Activity Feeds Based on Redis

    Today, activity feeds are an essential part of almost all web apps. SaaS based apps, social apps, and the like all need a user timeline. These activity feeds and user timelines can get easily out of hand if not managed properly, especially with a large set of users logging in regularly. Redis, in this case […]

  3. App Search with Thinking Sphinx 3.0

    Thinking Sphinx is now a very standard library for interfacing with Sphinx and has come a long way in its implementation of various features of Sphinx. The new version, 3.0, is a major rewrite and quite a departure especially in terms of setup. Also, it includes fairly advanced facet searching built into it. Lastly, this […]