Rex Weston is the founder of Over the last 14 years he’s worked exclusively in the area of email branding, working with hundreds of companies worldwide to provide state-of-the-art email signature solutions.

Rex's articles

  1. Resolving the Email Signature Dilemma

    Anyone who has overseen the development and implementation of an organizational-wide email signature program has almost certainly been surprised by the complexity of the process and the inability to fully achieve the intended result. The frustration is magnified due to an email signature’s: apparent simplicity; use by virtually everyone in the organization; front-and-center role played […]

  2. Email Signature Design, Layout and Content

    Designers face some unique challenges when it comes to the creation of email signatures. In this article I share my experience over fourteen years and thousands of email signature designs. Following is my insight into how email signatures fail, and more importantly, how to push past their shortcomings to a successful design. This article has […]

  3. The Art of Designing and Marking Up Email Signatures

    Although the creation of feature-rich email signatures seems like a relatively straightforward programming task, in actuality it’s something of a black art. Here, I’ll share some secrets involving the design and structuring of robust email signatures that render well on PCs, tablets, and smart phones. Design and Layout Considerations Smart phones: Prior to smart phones, […]