Rod Vagg is a Node.js developer and consultant and maintains a large portfolio of open source projects. He is a partner with The Node Firm where he helps companies such as PayPal and Netflix migrate to Node.js. Rod will be speaking at Web Directions Code 2014 on asynchronous programming patterns.

Rod's articles

  1. Testing Across Node.js Versions Using Docker

    NAN is a project designed to assist in building native (C++) Node.js add-ons while maintaining compatibility with Node and V8 from Node versions 0.8 onwards. V8 is undergoing major internal changes which is making add-on development very difficult. NAN’s purpose is to abstract that pain. Instead of having to keep your code compatible across Node/V8 versions, NAN does it for you, and this is no simple task. This means that we have to be sure to keep NAN tested and compatible with all of the versions it claims to support. This is not a trivial exercise!