Ruby developer for Heroku. Climbs rocks in Austin & teaches Rails classes at the University of Texas. You can see more of Richard's work at

Richard's articles

  1. Anatomy of an Exploit: An In-depth Look at the Rails YAML Vulnerability

    Exploits happens, and this month the Rails and Ruby communities have seen no shortage. From a major exploit in Rails to a slightly different attack, there has never been a better time to brush up on software security. Maybe you’re wondering why these vulnerabilities happen in the first place, why they weren’t caught in […]

  2. Hacking mruby onto Heroku

    Unless you’ve been living under a Ruby colored rock, you’ve likely heard about mruby, Matz’s latest experimental Ruby implementation. What I bet you didn’t know is that you can run mruby on Heroku right now. As a matter of fact you can run just anything on Heroku, as long as it can compile it into […]

  3. Try mruby Today

    Ruby dominates the web: running popular sites like Github, Heroku, and Living Social. But why should web developers get to have all the fun? Wouldn’t it be great if game developers, embedded systems engineers, or anyone else could use the beautiful syntax of Ruby in their C programs? Lucky for us, that’s exactly what mruby […]