Ryan is a full time developer who loves shipping software and seeing it delight users. He also writes about tools for bootstrappers at pocketproduct.com. His latest project is The Bootstrapper's Guide to MailChimp.

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  1. Accentuate Your Message with this Clean and Simple MailChimp Template

    Do you have a MailChimp list? Have you noticed the abundance of fancy email templates they’re pushing?

    MailChimp has made it really easy to make fancy graphics-laden emails.

    But should you?

    Multi-column, image-heavy emails may be appropriate for a travel agency, but in the world of designers and developers, the successful bootstrappers I follow use simply formatted emails.

    Folks like Nathan Barry and Patrick McKenzie have thousands of subscribers. And after years of running their mailing lists, they’ve settled on emails with minimal formatting.

    Over-styled, multi-column formatting pulls the reader’s attention away from your message.

    Instead, aim for clean, minimally formatted emails that emphasize your content. This creates a more personal connection and the perception of higher value.