As a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Rey focuses on promoting best practices for client-side web development and helping Microsoft meet the needs of this community. He is passionate about HTML5 and the possibilities that it brings for building rich, interactive web applications. In addition, Rey is a member of the jQuery JavaScript project team, and writer for .net magazine.

Rey's articles

  1. iOS to IE10 Metro: Building Cross-Browser Plugin-Free Experiences

    If you’ve built a plugin-free browsing experience for the iPad, a few changes will make it ready for the new IE10 plugin-free experience on Windows 8. As more browsers adopt the plugin-free approach, now is a good time to start thinking about it. I’ll show you how to do this in a few steps by […]

  2. Update Your docmode for Web Standards

    Document compatibility defines how a browser renders your website. The more specific you are at telling the browser what to expect, the better the experience for your users.

  3. Site Pinning: Rotating Overlay Icons

    Rey Bango has previously shown us how to overlay an icon for pinned sites to notify users of activity. Now, he demonstrates how to rotate the icon images used to convey more sophisticated information.