By Rachel Alexander, founder of digital agency Alexanders Internet Marketing.

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  1. Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly in Minutes

    The smartphone revolution isn’t just changing the way people use their mobile devices. The transition from traditional “flip” phones to full-screen smartphones is changing the way people view their favorite web content. Increasingly, Internet users are reading their content on the go using mobile web browsers on far smaller screens. This unquestionable trend towards mobile […]

  2. 10 Highly Interactive, Beautifully Illustrated Web Designs

    Thousands of today’s websites share a very similar look and feel. Apart from unique logos and color schemes, many of these “standard” websites are largely indistinguishable from their peers. Because of the uniformity found on the web, adding some illustrated elements to your design is a great opportunity make it stand out from the crowd. […]

  3. Using Texture Tastefully in Web Designs

    Texture is not just a passing trend in web design. It’s an essential tool for adding depth and dimension to an otherwise flat page. The best designers know that a website’s texture can draw the viewer’s attention and emphasize important words or images. The right texture and color have the power to transform a web […]