Rachel is the Director of edgeofmyseat.com, a Web solutions company in the UK. She has worked on a number of books as a co-author, and is a member of the Web Standards Project, serving on the Dreamweaver Task force. Rachel is the author of SitePoint's The CSS Anthology and Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8.


  1. Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS Article

    How do I create tabbed navigation with CSS? Navigation that appears as tabs across the top of the page is a popular navigation choice. Many sites create tabs using images. However, this can be less accessible and also problematic if your navigation is created using a Content Management System, with users of that system being […]

  2. Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS Article

    How do I create rollover images in my navigation without using JavaScript? CSS-based navigation can provide some really interesting effects, but there are still some effects that require the use of images. Is it possible to enjoy the advantages of text-based navigation and still use images? Solution It is possible to combine images and CSS […]

  3. Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS Article

    Discussion Nested lists are a perfect way to describe the navigation system that we’re working with here. The first list contains the main sections of the site, while the sublist under Recipes shows the subsections within the Recipes category. Even without any CSS styling, the structure of the list is still clear and comprehensible, as […]

  4. Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS Article

    Unless you limit yourself to one-page web sites, you’ll need to design navigation. In fact, navigation is among the most important parts of any web design. In this collection of ready-made solutions Rachel steps us through styling horizontal and vertical menus, tabs, buttons, lists, and links with CSS — and making sure they’re as accessible as possible!

  5. Dreamweaver 8 Does Standards!

    The latest incarnation of Dreamweaver – version 8 – supports Web standards and the WCAG with more fervour than ever before. Here, Rachel explains the product’s evolution, and shows how to set up Dreamweaver 8 for standards-compliant development. She then walks through the creation of a Web document in XHTML Strict using some of the cool new tools Dreamweaver 8 offers to support developers in their quest for accessible, standards compliant code.

  6. Style Web Forms Using CSS Article

    I’ve also created special classes for the smaller cells (in my form, these contain the select menu for state, and the zip code field). I’ve named these ‘.smalllabelcell‘ and ‘.smallfieldcell‘, which allows us to treat these cells separately. In your style sheet, add the following: .labelcell {      font: 11px Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, […]