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  1. Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET

    Amazon Web Services can push fresh content to your site, and help you make some cash in the process. Use ASP.NET with the Amazon Web Service to query the company’s catalogue and return results to your site — Philip’s practical tutorial shows how.

  2. ASP.NET Security Threat

    I’ve been busy fixing the many applications at University today with this new security threat to ASP.NET applications. Put simply, its a matter of canonicalization that could allow users to enter password protected areas of your sites by simply altering a URL. A good how-to guide is available on the Microsoft support site, yet no […]

  3. Host .NET In SQL Server 2005 Express

    SQL Server 2005 goes beyond T-SQL to provide the full power and breadth of functionality available in the .NET Framework. In this hands-on tutorial, Philip shows how to build stored procedures that host CLR-code using SQL Server 2005 Express.

  4. New version of BlogWave available

    Improvement include: Less bugs (especially in the WSS adapter), slicker UI, some developer-friendly features and a new Google adapter which allows syndicating google searches. Download it here: Updated FAQ is at:

  5. Express Manager Demo

    This week was the week my PhD ramped up a notch. Presentations to give, proposals to write, references to seek. 13 hour days don’t leave much time for the .NET blog, but fear not! Sundays are the day of rest, and as such, its nice to watch a movie instead of reading blocks of text. […]

  6. News of IIS 7

    From Fritz Onion: “All in all, it looks like the future of IIS (IIS 7) is moving toward integrating into the ASP.NET pipeline, so it will be worth spending time familiarizing yourself with the HttpPipeline in ASP.NET today in preparation for what’s coming next…”

  7. Setting Page Titles 2005 Style

    Little tip. To set the page title on an ASP.NET Web From using Whidbey, add runat=”server” properties to the head and title tags in your HTML: Now, you can set the page easily using: this.Title = “My new page title”; Simple as!

  8. SQL Server 2005 Express via ODBC?

    Need to run SQL Express within applications other than those supporting .NET? Well, I needed to get my database schema to Visio, yet none of the connectors would work. By default, Express doesn’t talk via TCP or NP and its default listeners won’t accept older you need to manually enable these to get Express […]

  9. New article: Getting started with Mono

    Getting Started with Mono As I say in the introduction to the article, I avoid Linux and stick to my friendly Windows icons and buttons. But, of course, there are times when Linux is a requirement on a project, so having .NET available in some Linux form can ease the jolt ;) The article outlines […]

  10. Get Started with Mono

    The open source Mono project has been created to allow developers to code much of the .NET framework in cross-platform executable code. In his introduction to the technology, Philip uses Mono to code in C# for Linux.

  11. Mathematical Expression Compiler

    Being able to evaluate mathematical expressions at runtime is a great way of building dynamic structured data, where you can plug in complex expressions written in a textual form and retrieve a double output. Lundin has a free, yet highly optimised and powerful expression compiler ready for download. It’s a great product and very easy […]

  12. Windows Developers: SP2 SDK Out

    I know .NET isn’t involved per say in a Windows SDK, but many made the jump to .NET from Windows development, like me :) So, this is all good stuff to get your hands dirty with. Also, watch out for some Mono coverage later this month for all those sighing at the constant Windows/.NET […]

  13. VS.NET 2003 and Office 2003?

    Just in case anyone’s having the same problem as the one described below… When using the Server Explorer in VS.NET, whenever I went to add a new data connection, a popup would appear saying “Unable to add Data Connection. Some program files are not properly registered on your machine. Run the Setup program again”. Well, […]

  14. ASP.NET 2.0 Security : New Article

    Another superb article by Zak is up and available on SitePoint giving a great explanation on how to use some the new security features within ASP.NET 2.0. This week, I’ll work on combining the single sign in article I wrote last month with the features outlined by Zak in this new article to expose these […]

  15. QA for SQL Express 2005?

    One of the features lacking in the SQL Express 2005 package is a Query Analyser. Of course, Microsoft have big plans for frontends to SQL Server 2005, however, I want something now! QA Replacement Program is the first step towards building a free Query Analyser for this release of SQL Express. Its still got a […]

  16. BlogWave 0.3

    BlogWave is a great product written in C# that grabs a variety of information resources and publishes them as an RSS feed. You can even write your own “adapters” so BlogWave can understand data from your own applications. Certainly something to take a look at if you’re wanting to publish information.

  17. XP Service Pack 2

    Technically, this isn’t .NET. But, unless you’re using Mono, Service Pack 2 is going to be a must-have for most .NET coders. Have you installed it? Found any incompatibilities? Drop a comment

  18. XP Starter Edition

    BBC: “Microsoft’s plan to impress new users with a cut-down version of Windows has come in for strong criticism. The software giant has created Windows XP Starter Edition for countries where the PC-owning population is still low. But analysts from consultancy Gartner said the cut-down version would be “frustrating” to use and warned firms and […]

  19. O/R like Java

    My Java friends at University often balk at the lack of a O/R mapper for .NET. Of course, I show them a whole heap of O/R tools available, but then they show me Hibernate for Java. And, packed with its full OO support, with polymorphic relations, inheritance structures, and interface production, I have to hang […]