Paul will suggest that it’s all about HTML5 & CSS3 to anybody who stands still for long enough, though he will defer to talking about building for mobile in the context of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Paul offers all manner of web development services out of 3Easy Web Org and is the Editor in Chief of

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  1. BuildMobile: Nokia Windows Phone Holiday Bonus

    As you’ll recall, we ran a competition giving you the opportunity to Win a Nokia Windows Phone , one of those lovely looking Nokia Lumia numbers running the lovely Windows Phone OS that everyone is talking about. Check the original post, just linked, for the rules and regulations. As a holiday bonus, we are going to extend the competition deadline date.

  2. Nokia Windows Phone Holiday Bonus

    Just when you thought it was over, it is not. Recall the competition we have been running wherein you can win a Nokia Windows Phone. The deadline has extended, and the competition closes 9pm Sunday. Show us your Windows Phone skills!

  3. BuildMobile: Win a Nokia Windows Phone

    For the next four weeks we’re running a challenge that will test out your knowledge of Windows Phone development. Each week there will be posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm EST in which we will ask a question on some aspect of developing and designing for Windows Phone. Your challenge is to answer the question to be in the running to win a Nokia Windows Phone, as recently announced at Nokia World . You must Tweet or Share a link to the questions you answer

  4. Win a Nokia Windows Phone

    For the next few weeks we will be asking questions relating to designing and developing for the Windows Phone platform and asking you to give answers in the comments. We have a sweet prize up fro grabs, a recently announced Nokia Windows Phone.

  5. BuildMobile: Interview: Cameron Adams & DrawPad

    At the Ignite Sydney event earlier this year, attendees were asked to use an iPad app to draw “What inspires you?”. Cameron Adams aka The Man in Blue is the developer of the DrawPad iPad app and has kindly agreed to talk to BuildMobile about it. Hello Cameron, for the benefit of the few people out there who don’t already know you and your work, could you please tell us who you are and what you do? Hi Paul, I’ve been running my website, The Man in Blue for a little under 10 years now and for most of that time I’ve been a freelance designer & coder

  6. Interview: Cameron Adams & DrawPad

    Cameron Adams, aka The Man In Blue, talks to BuildMobile in detail about his DrawPad app, and in passing about his particular coder-designer-niche. Cameron stands peerless at a particular end of web development created for us to enjoy and aspire to.

  7. BuildMobile: 5 Fab Films from Breaking Development

    The Dallas 2011 Schedule for Breaking Development is a thing of real beauty, and the team are being awesome in sharing with the world the videos of the presentations after the event. Herein we bring you the Fab 5 to add to the Ace 8 we pointed to earlier. At this stage, you can finish watching the Dallas event over the weekend, right here and right now, you can look forward to watching the Nashville event in the near future, but best of all you can start planning your Orlando trip for April 2012. Just go! A quick aside: following the Nashville conference, some of the finest minds in mobile took it upon themselves to go on holiday together and they called it MobileWood .