Pax has over ten years of experience in systems administration and software development on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. He's currently employed by Guardian Digital as a systems programmer, where he develops and implements open source security solutions using EnGarde Secure Linux, and he is a regular security columnist at His experience includes UNIX and Windows systems engineering and support at several Fortune 500 companies, as well as consulting roles with many smaller businesses.


  1. Top 7 PHP Security Blunders

    SQL Injection Vulnerabilities SQL injection vulnerabilities are yet another class of input validation flaws. Specifically, they allow for the exploitation of a database query. For example, in your PHP script, you might ask the user for a user ID and password, then check for the user by passing the database a query and checking the […]

  2. Top 7 PHP Security Blunders

    PHP’s availability, ease of use, and support makes it the first choice for many budding developers. Yet the potential for the unwary coder to overlook certain key aspects of security lands countless developers in hot water. Pax explores the key security holes, common issues, and typical oversights in this hands-on primer.