Paul is a Rails and PHP developer in the SitePoint group of companies.

Paul's articles

  1. 3 Things About Cookies You May Not Know

    If you’re ever stuck wondering why Live HTTP Headers and Firebug are telling you your “Cookie:” request headers don’t match the “Set-Cookie:” response headers you’ve just been sent, here’s a couple of points and gotchas worth remembering: A cookie can only be overwritten (or deleted) by a subsequent cookie exactly matching the name, path and […]

  2. pTest: PHP Unit Tester in 9 Lines Of Code

    I was recently working on a command line PHP tool, and didn’t have easy access to our normal PHP unit testing framework built around SimpleTest. After a few lines of non-test-driven-development, I started to freak out a bit – I guess I’ve fallen for the view that if code doesn’t have tests, it’s broken. I […]

  3. Moonlight – Open Source Silverlight on Mono

    We have many proponents of open source, cross platform software in the SitePoint community, and I think Microsoft have left some of us scratching our heads over where to stand after unveiling Silverlight and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). Microsoft’s DLR is a layer on top of their Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides support […]

  4. Simple Date and Time Localization With JavaScript

    One of the many challenges we’ve encountered during our work on SitePoint Contests and Marketplace is deciding the best way to present dates and times to our users. This sounds simple, but there’s quite a few considerations that we need to keep in mind. Easily Readable by Humans “Started 2 hours ago” and “Ends in […]

  5. Unix Tools on Your Desktop – Not Just For Mac Users

    One of the main reasons I switched to Mac was for the underlying Unix-like kernel and command line. I’ve always had a local Linux server for development, and the ability to roll this functionality into my desktop machine was a great selling point. As it turns out, while I love Mac OS, I don’t use […]

  6. Besiege Your Web Application – Load Testing over HTTP

    When performance tuning a system, it’s vital that you continually monitor the effect of any changes that you make. Instrumentation should be put in place to provide continual access to consistent metrics. Web applications are no different. They can be complex beasts, however, so you may benefit from many different layers of instrumentation. If you’re […]

  7. Faster PHP Apps – Profile Your Code with Xdebug

    Object-oriented programming is well and truly in fashion, and PHP is no exception. So you’ve adopted the proper design patterns, built your site on the latest PHP framework, and have your database access abstracted so far that you’ve forgotten SQL. What’s Going On? When you first move towards object-oriented programming, the first thing you might […]

  8. Faster Page Loads – Bundle Your CSS and Javascript

    Have you ever watched your status bar while you wait for a page to load and wondered why several files seem to be downloaded before you see anything at all on your screen? Eventually the page content displays, and then the images are slotted in. The files that keep you waiting are generally the CSS […]