Oleg Lola is CEO at MobiDev, an offshore software development company specializing in mobile applications (native and cross-platform) and web development. A business manager and a mobile developer, Oleg has a seven-year experience in the IT sphere.

Oleg's articles

  1. What is Needed to Promote a Mobile App?

    Completing a successful development process is only half the job for a mobile product. Great products can easily be lost in application stores even without being ever found. Promotion is the other side of any software project. A software owner has to tell all the world about the mobile product to gather a decent share […]

  2. Monetizing Mobile Applications

    You plan to launch a mobile application project, show it to the whole wide world and sit back as the revenue rolls in. You surely know that the reality is not that cloudless, and it will take a lot of time, money and effort to finally create an application that will actually bring you a […]

  3. Bad Apps: What They Are and Who’s to Blame

    Who needs bad apps? Obviously, nobody does. Software owners don’t want their apps to be bad. App users wouldn’t like to have bad apps on mobile devices. No software company that values reputation wants to produce bad apps. Then why do bad apps exist at all? Every mobile user has come across an app they […]

  4. 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website

    With all the current talk about mobile-friendly websites and responsive design, it’s entirely possible that your company or your clients are considering moving into the mobile space. Structuring a mobile-friendly website means rethinking the design process for a variety of screens across multiple mobile platforms. While tablets may be able to handle your full website, […]