Nigel is the Managing Director of MIS Web Design in Sheffield (UK), specialising in Web Design and Development, Accessibility, Usability Testing and Search Engine Optimisation. He also recently launched Accessify Forum.


  1. Random Content Rotation Made Easy

    Keep your pages fresh and users interested with randomized content. Use Nigel’s handy and quick CSS script to show visual browsers fresh content pulled at random from a content selection – it’s accessible and search-engine friendly to boot!

  2. An Introduction To Accessible Web Design

    Accessibility isn’t just screen readers and colour blindness. As Nigel explains, there are plenty of resources, tools and services available to educate the accessibility-conscious designer. And this primer is the ideal starting point!

  3. Fancy Paragraphs With CSS

    Add a touch of style to your text content. Nigel shows us how easy it is to apply a little CSS that will spice up your content, and wow your visitors.