Nick Wilson runs and is involved in various ecommerce projects ranging from Gifts for Men to Cufflinks. Nick's latest project is Phentermine Express.


  1. What is Liquid Design?

    Developed to make your content accessible to everyone from the visually impaired, to those using wireless devices, Liquid Design is the way of the future. Nick explains why, and gives you the tools to build your own liquid layout!

  2. All-Flash A Fast Track to Failure

    Thinking of an all-Flash business site? Think again! As Nick explains, building a business site in Flash can limit your ability to attract business prospects, effectively deliver the content they want, and keep them interested.

  3. Website Promotion Crash Course

    You’ve got a new site – it’s time to hit the promotion trail! Nick’s extensive crash course shows us what to do and how, quickly and easily.

  4. XHTML – An Introduction

    XHTML is the W3C’s XML defined markup language for Web pages. What are the key differences between this and HTML? And is it hard to learn? Nick explains why you should use it and how!

  5. Databased Websites from Scratch

    Starting from scratch with your database driven Website? This article’s for you! It’ll help you make the decision to use a database, and is packed with handy resources.