Hi, I'm Mike Pack. I'm a freelance software engineer based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I work primarily in Ruby and JavaScript to create highly dynamic applications. I research and write about architecture, testing and software patterns. I'm highly interested in solving team and software scalability problems, code maintainability ailments and performance bottlenecks.

Mike's articles

  1. Flexible Searching with Solr and Sunspot

    Just about every type of datastore has some form of indexing. A typical relational database, such as MySQL or PostreSQL, can index fields for efficient querying. Most document databases, like MongoDB, contain indexing as well. Indexing in a relational database is almost always done for one reason: speed. However, sometimes you need more than just […]

  2. SOA for the Little Guys

    SOA, or Service-Oriented Architecture, is often tossed around as an enterprise-only term, used by companies no smaller than Amazon. Fear not, SOA can be used by the Little Guys too! Let’s break the mold.