As Director of Bam Creative, and Chairperson of the Australian Web Industry Association, Miles spends his time managing his business or speaking about managing businesses. Recently awarded as one of the top Western Australian entrepreneurs under 40 years old, Miles can also be found writing at his blog.

Miles's articles

  1. Five Lessons, 10 Years On …

    I started my current business 10 years ago next month. That’s a pretty amazing achievement — to last a decade in any business, let alone in a fast-moving industry such as website development. You’ve heard about the idea of time capsules, where you bury a letter to your future self and open it a decade […]

  2. Social Saturation Sucks

    I believe social media really is awesome. Not the fake “trying to get as many followers just to have a large ego” version, but the “great way to engage with your consumers” version. In fact, my business has had a social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook since 2007. However, since then, the amount […]

  3. Set Boundaries: It’s OK to Say “No” to Clients

    I recently enjoyed a coffee with a freelancer friend on a weekend, who took a client call during his time off. When he got off the phone, he started to lament about clients calling him at all hours of the weekend and evening. Whilst I was sympathetic, it was obviously his fault as well. Why? […]

  4. 10 Ways Your Business Blog Sucks

    We all know what a powerful marketing tool blogging can be. Plenty of businesses have soared as a result of regular, effective blogging. Many of us try our best to write engaging content. However your blog sucks if it suffers from any of these 10 issues (and read on for my bonus “killer headlines” tip!). […]

  5. Olympic Lessons for Your Business: Run Rings Round Your Competitors

    Over the next few weeks, much of the world’s attention will be on the sporting elite from 205 nations, as the cream of the crop from each country competes at the 2012 Olympic Games. While we all watch our favorite sports and cheer on our countries, have a think about some of the lessons Olympians […]

  6. Six Reasons to Take That Break

    In a few hours I’ll be at about 35,000 feet, on my way with my family to take a few weeks off overseas. Outside of penning this article, I have no plans at all to do any work, and I have vowed not even to check my work email address while away. If you’re in […]

  7. Three Reasons I Sucked at Freelancing

    I spend much of my time writing for SitePoint about the success of others, and sharing great tips and tricks I have learnt myself. One great quote I really live by is that you should learn from your mistakes. Mistakes happen to the best of us; as long as you walk away with a lesson […]

  8. Great Ideas—without the Risk!

    So you’ve come up with an awesome idea, and it might just be the next best thing, but unless you have a market, it’ll be the next big thing for you alone. Miles examines how to remove the risk from your next big idea.

  9. Proposal sent, now what?

    You’ve just sent the proposal to your client, but what do you do next? In this article, Miles shares his expertise on the subject.

  10. Challenge: More Profits in Less Time

    Do you ever feel like no matter how many hours you work, there’s always more to do? It’s very true for many of us. I’ve worked 70 or 80 hour weeks before, and felt like I still have more to do, the same feeling I get when I work only 40 hours. Part of this […]