Mike Hudson is the in-house web search strategy manager (SEO/SEM) for realestate.com.au. From its head office in Melbourne, he oversees the continuing growth of the company across the network of more than a dozen websites operating in Australia, Europe, and Asia. He is an avid amateur photographer, publishing his images on his personal website at http://seriocomic.com/.

Mike's articles

  1. Making the Most of Google Webmaster Tools

    This article is an excerpt from our latest release, The SEO Business Guide. The entire chapter from which the article is drawn, along with two other chapters, is available as a free PDF download. It’s well worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about conducting effective and best-practice SEO.Both Google and Bing offer […]

  2. Educating the Client: Quality versus Quantity

    Mike examines the perennial SEO dilemma: Optimizing a website to attract the highest number of visitors that, all being well, translate into sales. Or targeting better qualified terms that may attract fewer site visitors, but who are more likely to buy.

  3. Laying the Foundations of SEO Success

    Whether you’re starting a new website or optimizing an existing site for the first time, it’s useful to divide your list of SEO tasks into two clear sets.The first set covers the basic tasks that always need to be addressed:optimizing the content, site architecture, and technical implementation.These basics lay the foundations for your SEO strategy, […]