1. Top SEO Books for the SEO Newbie

    You asked for some reference books on SEO for beginners. You got it—in this post, Mihaela lists a sampling of books designed for people who don’t know about SEO, but want to.

  2. SEO Fishing with an Empty Hook

    In this article Mihaela reveals how titles with a high emotional marketing value are related to link baiting and how the emotional impact can influence your audience.

  3. On-page SEO – The Google Way

    Mihaela recommends Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide for all DIY SEOs and newbies. In this article she highlights three important on-page SEO techniques described in this guide.

  4. Will Bing Change SEO?

    Many worry that SEO techniques for Bing differ from SEO for Google. Mihaela suggests that not much will change, at least for the moment.

  5. Searchme Bings Better than Bing

    Mihaela discovered a new search engine that presents search results in a visually appealing manner: beats Bing when it comes to functionality and interactivity, too.

  6. DZone: News Aggregator and Free Cheat Sheets for Developers

    DZone was launched three years ago this week as a response to Digg, delicious and other social networks, to better serve the needs of developers. Mihaela spoke to president, Rick Ross, about the site’s community and the free cheat sheets that they’ve made available for download.