Mick is a digital sales architect with over 13 years experience on the web. He helps businesses, clients and start-ups - plan, action and measure their digital sales success. Including getting hands-on with Google AdWords, conversion rate optimization, retargeting and email marketing.

Mick's articles

  1. Jump Start your Node.js Nous

    In the same way that Node.js enables devs to build staggeringly fast web apps, the SitePoint Jump Start series helps readers get up to speed with new topics in just a weekend. It’s apt then that the first book in the series is Jump Start Node.js by Don Nguyen. Node.js lets you write front-end and back-end […]

  2. Jump Start Your Web Dev Learning in a Weekend

    SitePoint’s new Jump Start Books help web developers and designers to quickly get up to speed with all the latest languages and web dev topics. Typically around 150 pages in length, they’re written so you can gain a thorough grounding in today’s hot web technologies in only a weekend! The books include everything you need […]

  3. Killer UX Design Begins … Here

    Great user experience (UX) design is at the heart of compelling and memorable sites. And it’s a skill Jodie Moule can help you to master in her new book Killer UX Design (just released here on SitePoint). In the book you’ll learn how to harness the power of user experience to build interfaces that influence and inspire, and keep your […]

  4. Insights into Form and Function from The Web Designer’s Roadmap

    In this excerpt from SitePoint’s latest book, The Web Designer’s Roadmap, author Giovanni DiFeterici explores balancing form and function as part of the web design process. Over to you Giovanni … ” … Until now, we’ve focused mainly on ideas for how to prepare for the design process. We’ve explored resources for inspiration, techniques that […]

  5. Shaun Inman, Don Norman, & Daniel Burka share their Web Design Insights

    The best web designers know that there’s much more to creating great designs than merely pushing pixels. They’ve learnt that the success of a design project, begins with asking the right questions (both of themselves and their clients), and then getting all the steps right before even opening Photoshop! As a web designer navigating this […]

  6. What separates the world’s best web designers from the rest?

    Q: What separates the world’s best web designers from the rest? A: The pros appreciate that true design excellence can only be achieved with a great design process.  Our new book “The Web Designer’s Roadmap” will help you consistently produce world-class web designs, time and time again. Before you jump into your next design, learn how the best […]

  7. Hints to Help you Get Across the GeekGames Finish Line

    The GeekGames close this weekend … … and that means someone is going to win the overall prize of a Macbook Air and iPad3 – with 9 runner-ups each getting there hands on a Kindle touch! We’ve had a fair few questions about how the secret scoring algorithm works across the 3 games of: Mouse-Questrian, Spam-Shoot […]

  8. Have you got your Free ebook and Online course from the GeekGames?

    The GeekGames are into their second week. The competition to take out the overall prize of a Macbook Air and iPad3, is hotting up – as are the daily deals on offer! Today … hold onto your keyboards, as these two great web development and design resources are absolutely free: Download “The Principles of Beautiful […]

  9. How You’re Doing in the GeekGames

    The GeekGames are well underway, and like the events in London, the competition is fierce! You’ve joined in your droves, and from all corners of the world, including (to name just a few): The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius Saudi Arabia Latvia Namibia … and the United States, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries too. […]