Maurice Cherry is a web entrepreneur, freelance technology journalist, and technology consultant for non-profit organizations and politicians. He is best known as the creator of the Black Weblog Awards, the world’s premier event for showcasing bloggers, podcasters, and video bloggers of the African diaspora. Maurice is also Creative Principal at 3eighteen media and an adjunct professor with DeVry University. Maurice is an honors graduate of Morehouse College, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Maurice's articles

  1. Securely Store Passwords and Other Sensitive Data with Pocket for Android

    Pocket (not to be confused with the reading app Pocket) is an Android app which allows you to securely store all your sensitive data on your phone with automatic cloud backup to Dropbox. While there are similar apps out there like KeePassDroid and MobileKnox, Pocket is worth a try because of its intuitive design and easy usability.

  2. Learn Basic Programming Concepts While You Play with Cargo-Bot for iOS

    Cargo-Bot is an interesting variation on the current “learn to code” theme because it’s a game disguised as a way to teach programming. The premise is simple: just use the crane to move boxes back and forth between platforms. It sounds easy, but the devil is definitely in the details. Let’s have a closer look.

  3. Make The Most of Your Time Offline: Save Articles, Videos, and Images for Later Viewing with Pocket

    The newly redesigned Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is perhaps one of the best reading apps available today. Many would agree — the service currently has 4.5 million users and users have saved over 200 million items. It has also been integrated into over 300 web and mobile applications, such as Evernote and Google Reader. But what makes Pocket such a standout reading app when there are dozens of others available? Let’s take a look at the Android version and see.

  4. Topple Towers of Letters in SpellTower for iOS

    When it comes to word games, iOS has plenty to choose from. Zynga’s popular trio of “With Friends” games (Words, Hanging, Scramble) come to mind, as well as Hasbro’s classics (Scrabble, Boggle). Now, there’s a new challenger for the top word game spot: Zach Gage’s SpellTower. SpellTower has received a lot of great press since […]

  5. Fine-Tune Your Photos with AfterFocus

    Photography apps on smartphones are a dime a dozen. Here on BuildMobile, we’ve covered two popular photography apps for Android: Camera ZOOM FX and Instagram. The purpose of these photography apps is pretty clear and straightforward: point, shoot, and add filters. The choice of which photography app you prefer is totally based on your preference. […]

  6. Create Fluid, Gorgeous Sketches with Paper

    Paper (by FiftyThree) stands out as one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to create sketches and drawings. Although the app has just recently launched, it’s already been named Apple’s “App of the Month” for March 2012 and has an impressive 1.5 million downloads. Let’s take a closer look at Paper and see why it may be one of the best drawing apps available for the iPad.

  7. Revamp and Manage Your Android Homescreen with LauncherPro

    The great thing about the Android OS is that there’s no limit to how far it can be customized. LauncherPro is one of several launchers available on the Android Market that can change the look and functionality of your homescreens and app drawer. Let’s have a closer look and see what makes it a winner.

  8. Is Google Play Ready for Prime Time?

    In March 2012, Google made a bold move with the creation of a new digital content service called Google Play. Google Play combines the Android Market, Google Music, Google Movies, and Google books into one service which can be accessed from the web and from any Android-powered device. However, they will still have to go a long way to ensure current users that Google Play is more than the sum of its parts.