Marc is a freelance software engineer and technical consultant with a dedication to web technologies and open standards who has over 10 years of experience. He loves traveling, mountain biking and climbing.

Marc's articles

  1. Detecting Faces with Ruby: FFI in a Nutshell

    In the last couple of years, I became quite fond of Ruby. It was so refreshing to simply get things done without caring too much about typecasts or memory management. The magnificent expressiveness of the language, the ease of use of the whole Gem system, and a nice interactive shell to play around in really […]

  2. Ruby + Arduino + LEGO® = RuBot

    A while back I had a long weekend to kill and was in the mood for some just-for-fun hacking. The weather was predicted to be awful and I remembered that I always wanted to build a robot. Of course, I had built simple line follower robots and the like years ago, but I was aiming […]

  3. Tiny jQuery Mobile App Powered by Sinatra

    In my article Ruboto: Ruby’s and Android’s First Born, I covered one way to use Ruby for mobile app development. In that article, we created a native Android app in JRuby that could run on Android’s Java Virtual Machine. This time,  we will dip our toes into the world of mobile web apps. These little buzzword magnets […]

  4. Ruboto: Ruby’s and Android’s First Born

    The Android platform is Googles attempt to give the iPhone a run for its money. In the last year or two, it grew to be a worthy opponent. One reason for this is the fact that it has a lot of funky goodness to offer: Developers enjoy the possibilities and of course the portability that […]

  5. Debugging and Dissection Dojo – 5 Weapons/Techniques of Choice

    When I started with Ruby about a year ago, I felt a little bit lost at first. With a strong Java background I simply wasn’t used to so much meta programming, mixins, and dynamic/duck typing. While learning a lot via pair programming I also started to simply poke around using the IRB and Rails console. […]