1. Windmill Web testing framework releases version 0.8.2

    Windmill is an open-source framework for automated testing of dynamic Web apps, which originated at the Open Source Applications Foundation. The Windmill team recently released version 0.8.2, with some great new features: Integrated Firebug Lite support wxWindmill contrib application Enhanced ‘smart’ recorder Auto element-scroll-into-view to simulate actual use more closely The core team is hard […]

  2. Skinning and color palettes with HSV and transparent PNGs

    I work on the Ajaxy Web UI for Chandler Server (a.k.a. Cosmo), an open-source server that works with the Chandler personal information manager (PIM). You can take a look at the Web UI by creating an account on our free online service, Chandler Hub. As we started implementing more and more of the calendar features […]

  3. OSCON 2007: Open Design, Not by Committee

    Ted Leung is a Senior Engineer at OSAF, and blogs at Ted Leung On The Air Mimi Yin is a UI Designer at OSAF (Disclaimer: I work at OSAF on the Web UI for Chandler Server.) This talk centered on the open design process used by OSAF in developing both the Chandler Desktop client, and […]

  4. OSCON 2007: High Performance Web Pages

    Steve Souders is Chief Performance Yahoo at Yahoo. Talk focused on optimizing performance of client-side code, which — surprisingly — makes up 80-90% or more of the user wait time. Steve ran quickly through 13 basic rules for high-performance Web sites: Make Fewer HTTP Requests Use a Content Delivery Network Add an Expires Header Gzip […]

  5. OSCON 2007: Adventures in Localization

    Wil Clouser is a Web Developer with the Mozilla Corporation, and blogs at Micropipes::Blog. Mike Morgan is Manager of Web Development at Mozilla Corporation, and has a blog at This talk described the process of internationalizing Web properties at Mozilla, specifically and, site which together receive almost 200 million hits a day. […]

  6. OSCON 2007: People Hacks

    Adam Keys is a software developer and writer. His blog is at In this talk, Adam presented a number of methods for effective advocacy and for getting along with other developers. In other words, interacting with people is as important as interacting with hardware or software. Problems in this sphere have no technical solution […]

  7. OSCON 2007: Managing Technical Debt

    Andy Lester is with the Perl Foundation, and maintains a blog at Andy’s talk gave practical advice for catching up on all the tasks you put off until some later date (that inevitably never comes) — stuff like postponed docs, fixing broken tests (or just writing tests at all), backup regimes, TODOs in your […]

  8. OSCON 2007: The Holistic Programmer

    Adam Keys is a software developer and writer. His blog is at The days of one guy putting together all the hardware and software together by himself in his garage are long gone — working with computers increasingly means doing something very specialized in one of the layers between the hardware and the end-user. […]

  9. OSCON 2007: Windmill: Automated Testing of Your Ajax Web Applications

    Mikeal Rogers is a QA Development Engineer at the Open Source Applications Foundation, and has a blog at Adam Christian is also a QA Development Engineer at the Open Source Applications Foundation. His blog is at (Disclaimer: I work at OSAF and am a committer on the Windmill project.) This talk started with […]

  10. OSCON 2006: When Interface Design Attacks

    Amy Hoy is the author of a Ruby on Rails- and design-oriented blog, Slash7. I was amazed to see how packed this session was. They propped the doors open, and people were actually standing around outside the door trying to listen. It was really good to see that so many developers are looking for a […]