Matthew’s most recent publications include Flash MX Magic (New Riders), Flash MX Game Design f/x & Design (Coriolis) and content for Everything Ever Needed to Know about Live Motion 2.0, Flash 5 Magic, Inside Dreamweaver 4, Flash 5: Visual FX, Web Publishing Bible and The Dreamweaver Bible.

Matthew's articles

  1. Animation in Dreamweaver

    Think you have to have Macromedia’s Flash Player installed to create animations? Think again. Matt shows how to create professional animations in Dreamweaver.

  2. Easy Flash with Dreamweaver

    If you have Dreamweaver 4, then Flash is at your fingertips. Matt shows how easy it is to create two great effects: Flash Text and Flash Buttons.

  3. Review – SWiSH 2.0

    Another groovy Flash tool has hit the market. SWiSH 2.0, from SwishZone is causing a stir. Is it the hottest product ever? Or a load of hot air? Matt takes it for a spin.

  4. Add JavaScript to Fireworks

    Does your design need more pizazz? Add interactivity to your site without learning JavaScript! Matt explains the creation of JavaScript effects in Fireworks, and explores in detail the use of this program’s tools.