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  1. Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl Article

    Putting It All Together 1. Place the Files on your Server Place the HTML form somewhere under your Website’s document root, and your CGI script in your Website’s cgi-bin directory. Note: don’t forget to make the CGI script executable if you’re on a UNIX server – chmod a+rx upload.cgi or chmod 755 upload.cgi 2. Set […]

  2. Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl Article

    Creating the File Upload Script Handling the data that the browser sends when it uploads a file is quite a complex process. Fortunately, the Perl CGI library,, does most of the dirty work for us! Using two methods of the CGI query object, param and upload, we can retrieve the uploaded file’s filename and […]

  3. Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl Article

    With the current web industry focus on PHP and Ruby, you may think it odd to see a Perl article on Perl recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and, as the de-facto CGI language of the web from Day 1, it still has many loyal fans and drives sites such as and In this revised step-by-step tutorial, Matt explains how to use Perl with CGI to allow users to upload files securely to your server.