Mark is a certified .Net developer specialising in mobile device technologies. He's been developing mobile apps since 2002 and more recently has been focused on Xamarin technologies since late 2009. As well as being solution developer, he also have a mapping (GIS) background with experience using web mapping APIs from Google / Bing / Openlayers. Find Mark @mtrinder @hotmail @linkedin

Mark's articles

  1. Creating an iOS Credit Card Reader with Xamarin

    Simply put, Xamarin enables you to develop apps for the three major mobile platforms using one type-safe mainstream language, C#. Xamarin lets you share ~60% of your code across iOS, Android and Windows “out of the box” as it’s built on the open source .NET runtime, Mono. If you use patterns such as dependency injection and frameworks such as MVVM, the code sharing percentage can be even higher. The best part about using Xamarin is that you don’t lose any of the native user experience. An app that shares .NET code will still look and feel like it was developed for the OS it is running on – because it was!

    In this tutorial we will,

    • Use a trial version of Xamarin (30 day Business Edition)
    • Make an iOS application using Xamarin.Forms (PCL)
    • Read a credit card with the device camera, using SQLite.Net to store the card number