1. Pimpin Harry’s pretty bluescreen

    Proper error and exception display can save you a lot af time and nerves. A few months ago, Harry published a slick bluescreen script for exception handling. I modified it to handle errors as well and added some features which make it useful in productive systems as well: Error logging Error Mailing Configuration The script […]

  2. SmartLoader Reloaded

    A few months ago I proposed a way to efficiently use __autoload() together with a class indexer. To my surprise, quite some people started using it and provided me with bug reports. I rewrote most of the original code, eliminated all known bugs and have been testing it for the last month. So here’s a […]

  3. Zend_Filter Reviewed, Blacklist / Whitelist Filters

    I like Zend Framework‘s Zend_Filter class. It’s basically a set of methods for validating untrusted data. Although the two arguably most important features isEmail() and isUri() (the latter can be worked around with Zend_Uri) are still missing, the whole thing looks promising already. Here’s a few thoughts on the package: Remove isGreaterThan() and isLessThan(). That’s […]

  4. Using SVN for Web Development

    As our web applications grew and more and more developers started working on them, it became obvious that we needed some kind revision control system to manager our code. As CVS is quite dated and Subversion (SVN) introduced some handy features (atomic transactions, Apache piggybacking, more convenient branching/tagging, tons of other improvements), we chose to go with SVN. The big question was: how to use it correctly? After coming up with some more or less weird ideas I think we finally found a decent solution to put a web application into source control.

  5. eZ components: New competition for Zend PHP Framework

    Just about a month ago Zend Technologies announced Zend PHP Framework in line with the Zend PHP Collaboration Project with the stated goal to offer a “de facto standard PHP Web application development and deployment environment”. Not much information has been made public by Zend, which caused a lot of discussion. Just here and there, […]

  6. PHP 5.1 Released

    The new release fixes over 400 bugs, including the exploitable $GLOBALS overwrite, several open_basedir issues and the phpinfo() XSS vulnerability. As usual, the PHP team strongly advices all users to upgrade to 5.1 as soon as possible.

    Furthermore, PHP 5.1 comes with array type hinting, the PDO extension enabled by default, PCRE 6.2, PEAR 1.4.5 and performance improvements in the Zend Engine II.

  7. What’s your plan for __autoload()?

    Of all magic in PHP I probably like the __autoload() hook the most. Actually, you should too. With a little bit of improvisation you can glue together a handy little tool that can make your object oriented life a lot easier.