Lorna Jane Mitchell is an independent PHP consultant, developer, and trainer based in Leeds, England. Code is her passion, and she loves to share her ideas and experiences with technology with others, so much so that she co-authored PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code published by SitePoint. Lorna writes regularly for her own site lornajane.net about all kinds of topics, mostly technical ones. When she's not writing either code or words, you can usually find her cooking or eating; Lorna love food as much as she loves code! Author pic magicmonkey

Lorna Jane's articles

  1. Lesser-Known “Features” of PHP’s OO Model

    The vast majority of today’s applications written in PHP are object-oriented, and in general the core OOP concepts are pretty well understood by developers. But what about those odd edge cases, or code structuring you never think to do? Push the boundaries of your understanding with these interesting tricks and potential pitfalls of PHP’s object model.

  2. Error Logging with MongoDB and Analog

    With the hype around document databases continuing to grow, and around MongoDB in particular, there’s a lot of questions about how people might migrate their applications to using it. The advice is usually the same – especially for existing applications – take one step at a time. This article will show how you can add logging to your existing code using MongDB and Analog.

  3. Better Estimates with Planning Poker

    Planning Poker is an estimation technique which comes from the world of Agile software development. Learn how it can help you and your developers provide better estimates for the projects you work on.