1. WCAG 2 Requirements at Risk

    Since April 30, when the WCAG 2.0 Candidate Recommendation (CR) was released, there has been a ton of posts across the web telling us the WCAG 2 is almost, almost complete. I’m not here to do that. The news is 5 days old and I have no intention of clogging up your RSS by regurgitating […]

  2. The Open Letter Initiative and the Mobile Web

    One of the things I find absolutely frustrating about the web community in Sydney is the lack of information at industry nights and other local web events about mobile accessibility and, in particular, anything related to the W3C and Mobile Web Best Practices. For the most part seminars and industry nights hosted by the Mobile […]

  3. Twitter’s turning me to drink

    About a year and a half ago I was totally over Twitter. When I say “over it”, I mean So Over It that I couldn’t even get Into It. Twitter was new, I didn’t know many people using it, and all the twits and tweets seemed so utterly self indulgent… some would say, many still […]

  4. Oprah’s Book Club? I don’t think so…

    Some of you will already know The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) mail list. For those that don’t know it, the website and mail list are great resources and sources of discussion for anyone interested in interaction design, user experience and design. The IxDA is a member-supported organization committed to serving the needs of the international […]

  5. World Usability Day 2007

    World Usability Day is an international, annual event that will be held on November 8th this year with the theme of Health. The main goal of the event is to promote and encourage usability in the wider community and will be held at various locations world wide . Last year 40,000 people in 35 countries […]

  6. User testing in Second Life

    Oz-IA ran over the weekend in Sydney and it was a fantastic event. There were some really interesting presentations, and while I didn’t get to all of them, without doubt the most interesting for me was User Research in Virtual Worlds, a presentation I highlighted earlier as being one I wanted to see. Gary Bunker […]

  7. Four events to keep you learning

    I wouldn’t call myself a conference junkie by any means, I’d be lucky to attend one or two a year. And I certainly don’t think of myself as the eternal student, but when I gave it some thought a few minutes ago, I realised that I’ve studied, while working, for ten out of the last […]

  8. Twitter Recruiting Members for User Testing

    Like it or hate it, Twitter has caused a stir in the online social networking space. In a nut shell, Twitter allows users to pump out infinite amounts of (usually) ego-driven noise to the intarweb with a multitude of widgets, mashups and plugins that make it even easier to do. Take a look at Twitterific […]

  9. Text Book ‘Mash App’

    I’m experimenting with Tumblr and Jaiku at the moment, and I have an idea that by combining them, I’m going to create a really useful ‘Mash App’ for my User Focus class at SIT next term. Tumblr Tumblr is a free blogging tool that I’ve been using lately, and I don’t think I’ve ever fallen […]

  10. Usability tips for bloggers

    Now this is an article that grabbed my attention straight away! Often when I think about web usability and usability heuristics I think about it from a commercial perspective. I think about my clients and the type of sites I would normally work on: Finance, government, retail, travel, telco’s… you get the picture. But one […]