Josh Catone joined Mashable in May 2009 and is Executive Director of Editorial Projects. Before joining Mashable, Josh was the Lead Writer at ReadWriteWeb, the Lead Blogger at SitePoint, and the Community Evangelist at DandyID.

Josh's articles

  1. SXSWi: The Great Spec Work Debate

    The idea of graphic designers doing spec work has polarized designers for years. As Josh Catone reports, a debate on the topic at the SXSWi conference in Austin, TX this year saw some healthy discussion and enlightened opinions over whether spec work is “evil”.

  2. MicroPlaza Solves Twitter Link Sharing

    Twitter is an amazing platform for virally spreading links. How to reign in those links and filter them so they’re personally relevant to you is a million dollar question. New service MicroPlaza just might have the answer.

  3. Mozilla Launches Very Slick Cloud-Based IDE

    Mozilla Labs has brought us a lot of awesome projects since it launched, but their latest will be particularly appealing to developers. Bespin is an ultra-slick, web-based IDE that attempts to combine the best elements of popular desktop editors.

  4. Advice: Offer Support Everywhere

    Feedblitz founder and CEO Phil Hollows says that web startups should delete their support forums because they don’t offer personal support. We disagree: you should not only offer support in forums, but offer support everywhere.

  5. Sign of the Times: TV Now Has Web Ratings

    In what is clearly a sign of the changing media landscape, Nielsen — the company that measures television audience numbers — has released their first ever public web TV ratings. Th numbers are flawed, however

  6. Yahoo! BOSS: Now Actually Good for Google

    Yahoo! announced some significant updates to its Build Your Own Search Service today, including pricing, structured data, and an open monetization policy that could actually be a win for Google.

  7. Passwords: Most People Do It Wrong

    Quick: What’s your password? Is it 123456? password? abc123? Your name? Surprisingly, for a large number of users, those are the types of words being picked to safeguard private accounts. Not surprisingly, that’s a bad thing.

  8. Why Hulu Has the Advantage

    Hulu may still be many times smaller than YouTube, but it has a distinct advantage over its larger competitor: the types of videos that users want to watch most are available only on Hulu (and sites like it operated by content creators).