Jonathan Snook has been involved in the Web since '95, and is lucky to be able to call his hobby a career. He worked in web agencies for over six years and has worked with high profile clients in government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations. Jonathan Snook currently runs his own web development business from Ottawa, Canada and continues to write about what he loves on his blog at


  1. A New Window on HTML-Based Adobe AIR Apps

    If you’ve ever wondered about the best approach for multi-window applications, Jonathan Snook has some words of wisdom. In this article he looks at the options available when creating an Adobe AIR application. Answer the quiz to win a copy of Adobe CS4 Web Premium and Flex Builder Pro 3!

  2. Terrific Tables with CSS

    HTML tables have gained a new lease of life in the CSS era, now that they have been freed from misuse as a layout element. In this article, Jonathan demonstrates how you can use CSS to create exciting, colorful tables, which will work successfully across browsers, as well as taking a peek at what the future holds.

  3. Enjoy Tomorrow’s Web Today with AIR and CSS3

    While we all wait patiently for CSS3 to be supported by the popular browsers, you can take advantage of CSS3 features now by building web applications within the Adobe AIR platform. Experience cross-platform utopia with this look at the advanced CSS styles you can use.

  4. Build a Photo Gallery Using CakePHP and Flickr

    Is the Flickr interface doing justice to your stunning snaps? It’s time to consider customization! Jonathan shows us the ropes in his hands-on tutorial, as he uses CakePHP and the Flickr API to build an attractive, fully customized gallery that displays Flickr photos to their best advantage.