John works as a web developer for a merchant services provider and is also a partner in a web development company, brainyminds. His latest project, Merchant Account Services, aims to educate businesses about merchant accounts. Visit him online at


  1. Solve the Payment Processing Problem

    Not sure how you’ll process payments through your ecommerce site? John’s review of the major players is just what you need. After introducing the concept of third-party processors, he conducts a dollar-for-dollar comparison using different case studies for various merchant types, and his own calculator, which is available for you to use!

  2. Put your Money where your Mouse Is: 6 Payment Gateways Reviewed

    Ecommerce site owners face a critical decision as they choose a payment gateway. Different features, charge structures, and system setups combine to make the options complex, but John unravels the riddle in this comprehensive guide. He reviews 6 gateways in detail, and provides experienced opinion as to the benefits and pitfalls of each.

  3. The Chargeback Challenge

    Chargebacks cause confusion and frustration to countless etailers. Understand and respond to chargeback requests quickly and efficiently with John’s detailed primer, which defines different chargeback codes and offers tips to minimize chargebacks.