I’m a leader engineer and manager, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm an enthusiast technologist that love open source, a blog author in RubySource and my own blog, and also a speaker of some international and national conferences like TakeOff Conf in France, Ruby Italian Day in Italy, GURU, SevenMasters and others.

João M. D.'s articles

  1. Boxen: Quit Worrying About Your Tools


    How many times have you felt the pain of setting up your development environment, installing your dependencies, configuring databases, handling environment variables, and all the usual tasks that developers are supposed to do on their first day (or week, lol) when starting a new project?

    If your answered “more than once”, then keep reading this post and, maybe, take your chances with Boxen (OSX only).

    As the Boxen website says:

    Automate the pain out of your development environment. Boxen installs your dependencies so you can focus on getting things done.

    Where Did It Come From?

    Boxen started as a Github Project, originally called “The Setup”. Github started developing it because they realized how much time they spent setting up development environments and how much trouble incompatible environments can produce.

    They believe that development is production, so they value consistency, predictability, and reproducibility over one-off, hand-tweaked development environments. Align this with the goal of helping employees start shipping on day one and voilá.

    Once that Boxen became a well-known and used internal project, they decided to extract features and wrap up everything to make it easier to work at any company.

  2. Code Kata

    Can You Be a Ninja? After many years working for different companies on different applications, I’ve seen a lot of techniques that claim to help developers improve their programming skills. Unfortunately, only a few really helped me out at all, not only improving myself, but also teaching others. Some of you may know Dave Thomas, […]

  3. Sigma: Rankings Made Right!

    In case you missed it, I’ve been deepely involved with rankings in the past months. Look here, here and here for examples. (it’s in portuguese, sorry about that…) Rankings may not seem so important or interesting, but if we take a closer look at applications around us, we can see how it is being used […]

  4. Network Architecture Based on Gaming

    What exactly is network architecture and what does it represent in web app development? Why discuss Network Architecture these days? Those might be some of your questions after reading the title of this article, and this just supports the point that I’ll explain in this post. Network Architecture What is It? There are a lot […]

  5. Rankings: You’re Doing It Wrong!

    We have seen a lot of rankings in our lives, not only in WebApps but also in different media. Often the ranking is part of a gamification feature. But, is it being really effective? In fact, the majority of ranking implementations are wrong, and can even make your application less attractive. It’s difficult or downright […]

  6. Gioco: The Gamification Gem

    In the past two years I’ve heard a lot about new marketing techniques, and how they can be applied in web development. One of the most well known techniques these days is gamification. This article explains what gamification is and how you can use it with a new gem. What is Gamification? It’s a technique […]