James works for Kainos Software Ltd. as a Technical Architect. He is Kainos' Mobile Capability Lead (and previously Microsoft Capability Technology Lead) and responsible for developer engagement throughout the company. In his spare time James likes to talk about himself in the third person, attempt to blog about technical things on http://yobriefca.se and troll Twitter as @kouphax

James's articles

  1. Parse StackMob and Kinvey at WAR

    In the first part of this series we covered basic features of backend as a service provider. In this part, we will have a look at three major services (Parse, StackMob and Kinvey)¬†and compare them. Each of these services have their own unique strengths. Based on your preference, you can choose one of them. The […]

  2. Backend as a Service – Part 1

    BaaS – Introduction Backend as a Service, or depending on your tastes, Mobile Backend as a Service or even Server Stack as a Service is a relatively new cloud offering that is starting to gain momentum in many areas, not just the mobile world. BaaS, as we shall call it for the sake of brevity, […]