Having been around the world of IT and business for over a decade, Jeremy has participated in more than his fair share of projects. Read his thoughts and insights at his popular business and IT blog Ensight.


  1. Design Project – Get Grunge

    If you liked Jeremy’s Grunge Technique, take it one step further with his Grunge Design Project – a step-by-step guide to applying the technique to develop an atmospheric image.

  2. Interview – Matt Mickiewicz, COO of SitePoint.com

    He founded Webmaster-Resources. He co-founded SitePoint.com. And he has the most unpronounceable name on the Internet. Matt Mickiewicz discusses everything from his penchant for Corona, to a recent near-death experience in this detailed interview.

  3. Case Study – Flipping a Site for Profit

    You *can* get rich quick on the Web – but not without a little elbow grease! Jeremy explains step-by-step how he turned a hefty profit in just three months by buying, building up, and selling a Website.