Jon is a front-end developer at The C2 Group. He lives in Michigan. He likes JavaScript, Git, and Umbraco.

Jon's articles

  1. Title CSS: A Simple Approach to CSS Class Naming

    If you are like me then you spend way too much time coming up with the perfect class name for an element. You might Google for synonyms or imagine what this element would be if it were a real life object. You know that any semantic name will work, but somehow trying to think up the perfect name seems worth it.

    To be honest, the perfect name won’t help your stylesheet all that much, but utilizing a CSS methodology could make a big difference.

    Examples of CSS Methodologies

    OOCSS is environmentally-friendly advice helping you write sustainable classes through recycling styles.

    SMACSS is an all-encompassing CSS game plan that will coach you through all the proper techniques.

    Idiomatic CSS is an analytical house cleaner, organizing everything in uniform for easy recognition and peace of mind.