Jess is a video content creator for Learnable and Sitepoint. She digs all things social media, Web 2.0, music, film, digital media and innovation. Feel free get in touch!

Jess Genevieve's articles

  1. Get Started with Backbone.js

    In the latest Learnable JumpCast video introducing JavaScript frameworks, inveterate vertebrate Louis Simoneau (now at Flippa) explains how Backbone.js gives structure to web applications.

  2. Get Started with Git

    Git is a distributed revision control and source code management system. And a Godsend. Richo Healey explains why in this JumpCast video from

  3. Get Started with Three.js

    The process of creating 3D animations was previously costly, time-consuming and requiring significant learning. Until now! Thanks to Three.js, 3D animations in the browser are now more feasible than ever before. Before Three.js, you had to use special 3D programs (Maya, Blender, etc.) with inbuilt programming languages to create and export video or to compile […]

  4. What are Source Maps all about?

    In the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to some JavaScript frameworks. Now seems a suitable time to bring Source Maps to your attention! If you’ve ever found yourself wishing there was a hassle-free way to keep your clientside coding simple to debug and read after it’s been combined and minified, then Source Maps is […]