Jeune has a fascination for building and solving things. Right now, he is interested in data mining, algorithms, performance, and software design. When not in front of his laptop, he cooks mean Asian dishes or is out kicking ass on the football (soccer) field.

Jeune's articles

  1. Fun with Array Interfaces

    As a programmer who works with different languages every day, I find a lot of joy in learning how things are done differently in other languages and seeing if I can do the same in PHP. One thing I liked in particular in Python was how one can emulate features of native data types in […]

  2. An Introduction to Mock Object Testing

    If you are part of a development team, most likely your code will depend on code written by your teammates. But what if their code isn’t available at the moment? Mock objects are a way out of such sticky situations. I mentioned in the introduction. Learn how mock objects can stand in for the real implementation of an actual object to keep development moving and make unit-testing easier.

  3. More Bulletproofing with PHPUnit’s Database Extension

    An earlier article at PHPMaster discussed how you can create more robust code that queries your relational database through automated testing. But, as you know, querying is just one part of the picture. There are still other database operations, namely create, update, and delete, and this is what this article will show you how to do.

  4. Bulletproofing Database Interactions with PHPUnit Database Extension

    If your application is data intensive, subjecting your CRUD code to a battery of tests is good practice that helps ensure that your application is working correctly. This article will help you get started using PHPUnit’s Database extension to automate tests for your code that interacts with your database.