1. 6 Great Crowdsourcing Sites For Freelancers

    Crowdsourcing sites allows freelancers to slash their costs on everything from design work to IT jobs by tapping into global online markets of freelance professionals. As James explains, it’s quick, easy and oh-so web 2.0.

  2. Start-up Gossip Site Sued by Disgruntled VC Firm

    A web site founded to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to report on their experiences dealing with various venture capital firms has received a subpoena from a disgruntled VC firm, who demands that they reveal the information on the identity of the contributor who made the negative comments.

  3. Google To Launch Venture Capital Fund

    Google is currently working on setting up its own venture capital investment arm. The web search giant already has its own non-profit foundation, but it reportedly now has senior vice-president David Drummond working on creating a more profit-focused VC fund.