Web Developer, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript enthusiast

Imran Latif is a Web Developer and Ruby on Rails and JavaScript enthusiast from Pakistan. He is a passionate programmer and always keeps on learning new tools and technologies. During his free time he watches tech videos and reads tech articles to increase his knowledge.

Imran's articles

  1. How Asset Precompile Works, Part II

    This is part 2 of How Asset Precompile works in Rails. In part 1 we started digging into Rails built-in support of packaging assets, how it compiles static assets (images), and how a digest is generated based on their content etc. This article contains a bit more in-depth coverage of the Rails asset pipeline. Types […]

  2. How Asset Precompile Works, Part I

    Web applications are becoming faster and faster by each passing day. One of the most important features to keep users coming back is speed. If a web application is slow and takes too much time to load, then it will lose it’s users. If a web application is fast then its users will increase. Developing […]

  3. Threads in Ruby

    Ruby has many cool features which attract developers, such as the ability to create classes at runtime, alter behavior of any particular object, monitor the number of classes in memory using ObjectSpace, and an extensive list of test-suites. All these things make a developer’s life easier. Today we will discuss one of the most fundamental […]

  4. What is config.threadsafe!

    We all love Rails for it’s elegance and immense support of features that it provides to accomplish our tasks. Rails is feature rich and truly allows the developer to focus on the application instead repetitive tasks such as querying the database, manage routing, combining templates etc. In the process of providing the developer with the […]