Fred is a software jack of all trades, having worked at every stage of the software development life-cycle. He loves: solving tricky problems, Ruby, meta-programming, Behaviour-Driven Development, the semantic web. Fred's currently working on the exciting new Honbu project.

Fred's articles

  1. BDD: Think Like an Actor

    Stage Right

    Make no bones about it, BDD ain’t easy! It’s actually darn-right difficult and takes time to master and do it right. Luckily, the benefits far outweigh the initial costs. If you’ve decided to practice BDD then you’ve already made a conscious decision to break the ‘burn-and-scrape’ cycle, a wise choice indeed!

    Still, good intentions alone are not always enough. Many developers become disillusioned and frustrated with a process that doesn’t seem to work for them. In this article, I’d like to explore some of the most common obstacles and pitfalls that fresh BDD adopters encounter and offer some tips to help overcome them.

  2. Ruby and OpenCalais: Transform Data into Information

    This article demonstrates how to use Ruby and OpenCalais tools to transform senseless, unstructured data into sensible, actionable information. OpenCalais and DoverToCalais are works in progress, improving all the time. Coupled with the power and flexibility of Ruby and it’s eco-system, they provide a great tool-set for data mining and analysis.

  3. Ruby & OpenCalais: Semantically Tag Anything

    If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss regarding the Semantic Web is about, fear not – you’re not the only one! As well as being a trendy buzz phrase, the Semantic Web has many practical applications. In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few of these using a Semantic Analysis Web Service right from within our favorite programming language!