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  1. A Brand New SitePoint

    SitePoint.com relaunches today with a complete makeover, new features, responsive design and a shift in our content strategy. It is the single biggest website revamp in our 14 year history and it was done with the same mission we’ve had since 1999, to help web designers and developers learn, succeed and excel. “We’ve carried out […]

  2. How to Write Better JavaScript

    340 million tweets are sent globally on any given day. The JavaScript event triggered every time the blue button is clicked on twitter.com is largely the responsibility of Angus Croll, co-author of Twitter’s Flight Framework and member of Twitter’s Web Core team. In this exclusive interview, he offers his best tips for programmers to write […]

  3. Learn Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails is the web development framework of the moment, powering GitHub, Twitter, Hulu and many more successful apps and websites. The arrival of Rails 4 is the perfect time to learn it. SitePoint’s newest ebook, ‘Jump Start Rails’, from Andy Hawthorne, will get you up to speed with Ruby on Rails in just […]