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Eric's articles

  1. How Opa is Changing Development in the Cloud

    These days, cloud services are becoming more and more robust, capable of delivering high-performance applications entirely via the internet. When the cloud was in its infancy, cloud services were largely oriented around simple data storage, and some cloud processing. Now, however, the cloud has developed to be capable of enterprise-grade services, processing, data delivery, and […]

  2. 20 Terrific iPhone Apps for Travelers

    Although mobile devices are certainly handy on an everyday basis, they truly excel when you’re traveling. Whether you’re attending a conference for work, organizing a family vacation, or undergoing some other kind of adventure, having a mobile device with your travel plans, itineraries, and other relevant information can make your trips faster, easier, and more […]

  3. 30 Innovative Cloud Web Apps

    The cloud has forever changed how users store data, use apps and collaborate on projects. No longer do you have to risk data loss, or require all users to have the same software installed on their local machines. Instead, using web apps with cloud processing and data storage allows for faster and more secure computing, […]

  4. The Best Online Backup & Cloud Storage Solutions

    Computers have permeated nearly aspects of daily life, from social networking to photography, finances and dating. This reliance on technology has brought a variety of advantages ranging from speed to adaptability. However, when a majority of your personal data and your entire digital life are stored on computers, there is always the risk of losing […]