1. New Atlanta Does The Unthinkable!!

    Wow! Vince I have to give you and the entire New Atlanta Team a big high five, raise my glass, slap on the butt, or whatever your favorite congratulatory “thing” may be. With this blog post you did something which Adobe couldn’t or didn’t know how to. You Open Sourced CF. Ok so you didn’t […]

  2. Friendly URLs

    So I hope everyone in the US has survived the Daylight Savings Time crisis of 2007! I don’t know about you but i didn’t even feel it :) I was browsing the forums recently, as i typically do when I’m looking for a topic to blog on, and I came across a post by forumposters […]

  3. Another year, another CFUnited

    Did you make it to CFUnited this year? Yea me neither, I was supposed to go but after my little sabbatical to Shreveport LA plans kind of got lost. BUT lucky for us we can still experience it even if we didn’t get to sit in the chairs and pal around the conference area. Be […]

  4. Now you can be as cool as me – GO GET CF 8 BETA!

    Yes folks now you get to be as cool as I’ve been! For the past few weeks / months I’ve been involved in the ColdFusion 8 aka Scorpio beta. Today you too can play with the next version of ColdFusion. Adobe today released the first Release Candidate or Public Beta for ColdFusion 8!! I’ll give […]

  5. Are your clocks cleaned?

    Here in the states most of us ritualistically change our clocks twice a year in hopes to gain more daylight. This practice has been known as Daylight Savings Time and it’s my understanding that it’s also practiced in other parts of the world. Well the US Government recently changed the dates for when Daylight Savings […]

  6. What have you done for me lately?

    So… what have you done for me lately? I make your life easier. I allow you to create great web applications, impress your co-workers, wow your clients, and I’m sure you’re a hero to your boss at least 3 or 4 times a week because of me. So what have you done for me lately? […]

  7. Snort, Cough, Cough, Hack….

    Not a very pleasant title for a blog post for sure, but that my loyal readers has been mine life for the past week and a half. I’ve been fighting the flu / an upper respiratory infection which has left my online time to very very minimal spurts. So no fancy coding lecture today. Instead […]

  8. CFCs for the common developer Part 2

    So last time we learned the basics of creating a CFC and the overall structure of a very basic CFC. Today we’re going to talk about the different ways in which we can use this CFC in our code. So how do we access this function in our CFC? Can we just include it into […]

  9. “You want to do what?”

    Ok I know this isn’t part 2 of my CFC’s for the common developer but I wanted to share with you something cool I did today. I had a query of locations which needed an extra row inserted into it. Now this sounds like an easy thing to do but there’s a catch, isn’t there […]

  10. CFCs for the common developer

    Recently in the SitePoint ColdFusion forums there was a nice little discussion about CFC’s and how everyone who explains them or teaches them throws in a lot of buzzwords which does more to confuse people then to help them along. Now I know this happens because I’m guilty of it as well as a lot […]